Azad Kashmir: 3 killed in clashes, Ranger's vehicle ablaze, welcomed with stones by Kashmiris."


 Azad Kashmir: 14 May 2024: Protesters got into a fight with Rangers when they were leaving a place. The government tried to calm things down by giving money, but it didn't work. People got hurt and some even died.

The government decided to give a lot of money to help with electricity and flour prices. They made the flour cheaper by Rs1,100 for every 40kg bag. They also reduced the cost of electricity for different amounts you use.
Rights movement to ‘legally examine’ notification due to ‘non-serious’ attitude of govt, and government decision to dole out a Rs23 billion subsidy.
The subsidised rate for 40kg flour will be Rs2,000, down from Rs3,100. The electricity tariff was reduced to Rs3, Rs5 and Rs6 per unit for up to 100, 300, and more than 300 units, respectively.
Three Rangers vehicles ablaze on the Muzaffarabad-Brarkot road.
After entering the city through the Western Bypass, the Rangers were welcomed with rocks again, prompting them to use teargas and bullets.

Instead of leaving peacefully, the Rangers got in a fight with the protesters. The protesters threw rocks and the Rangers used tear gas and bullets. Some cars got burned, and people got hurt.

After the fights, the leaders of the protesters said they would check if the government's promises were real. They were upset because they felt the government wasn't taking them seriously.

The Prime Minister of Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) thanked P.M Shehbaz leader for giving money to help. He said it was important because these issues had been problems for a long time.



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