Be blind to this world, to see your own eye


Hyderabad: 13 January 2022: What a rapture to fly in the sky,
to tear a hundred veils every second.
First, sever breathing from breaths,
then, sever walking from footsteps.
Be blind to this world,
to see your own eye.
I said: O Heart, what a blessing
to have reached the circle of lovers.
To look beyond seeing,
to race in the heart’s lane.
O Heart, where did this breath soul begin ?
O Heart, what started you beating ?
O Soul Bird, speak the language of birds,
I know how to decipher your secret.
Heart said: I was in creation’s workshop,
waiting to fly to this house of clay.
I flew out of the house of creation
to construct the house of creation.
When my legs were gone, they dragged me along.
How can I describe how they dragged me?

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