Bugti’s livestock wealth above Rs7bn, P.M has no Business oversea


ISLAMABAD: 17 Nov 2023: The account of assets and liabilities of acting prime minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar and his cabinet members was made public by the (ECP), and it demonstrates that Kakar was not wealthy, not even in his own Balochistan.
The former member of the upper house possesses only 100 shares in a mining business valued at Rs50,000, and he has inherited 20 acres of land in the Kila Saifullah district.
According to the statement he gave to the ECP, his spouse has 10 tola of gold and jewelry, his household belongings are valued at Rs 400,000, and he doesn't possess a car or a business outside of the nation. The caretaker prime minister, however, possesses cash in banks totaling Rs47.72 million.

Interior Minister Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti hails from a powerful tribal family in Balochistan and is another important cabinet member. He inherited 90 camels, 8,870 sheep, 4,060 goats, 400 cows, 80 bulls, and 86 buffaloes, with a total estimated value of Rs7 billion. He had about Rs7.42 million in cash and Rs6.80 million worth of household goods.
According to Mr. Bugti's declaration to the ECP, he has shares in a CNG station in the Sui area of Balochistan and a 2010 model car valued at Rs. 10.20 million. He told the ECP that neither he nor his wife owned any gold or jewelry.
Mr. Bugti has a house in Islamabad, a plot in Multan, one flat in Multan, and a portion in a two-kanal house in Islamabad, and a plot in Quetta all valued at around Rs76m.

Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, the acting finance minister, "does not own any car or any vehicle." She claimed to have inherited gold valued at Rs. 200,000 and to have valued her furniture and other household belongings at Rs. 200,000. Dr. Akhtar does, however, have gifts of Rs. 2.19 million and Rs. 5.86 million in cash on hand or in her bank account.
She has brought in assets totaling around Rs2.79bn from overseas and has investments of Rs134m in T-bills, other papers, and stocks. Her father had given her a plot in Islamabad, a house, and a plot in DHA Karachi, all of which were worth approximately Rs4.57 million.

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