Chief Commissioner Land Revenue stresses upon filling of Income Tax return for year 2021 by due date


KARACHI: 16, SEPTEMBER, 2021: An Awareness Session on income tax returning Filling with all City Tajir Etehad was organised in the committee room of MTO Karachi.

Abdul Hameed Memon Chief Commissioner in Land Revenue and the Commissioner MTO Karachi welcomed to the Participants. 

Chief Commissioner presided the Session and stressed upon filling of Income Tax return for Tax year 2021 by Due Date.

Abdul Hafeez Commissioner Inland Revenue Audit-1, MTO Karachi given a presentation on the importance and benefits of the return filing.

Hamad Pounawala President all city Taji Ettehad, Rizwan, Abdul Qadir Noorani General Secretary Jodia Bazzar, the representatives of Lea Market ,Iron and Steal importers and other members of Various Sectors, Associations participated in the Session.

The Participants discussed various issues regarding their fear and apprehensions of coming in to Tax net, technical issues and other Policy matters. 

The Chief Commissioner and MTO Karachi responded and explain the queries raised by the participants in questions and Answer session.

It was highlighted that various Steps have been introduced by FBR, such as issuance of Bar coded notices and providing for complaint resolution mechanism.

The representatives of the trade uinon assured their full cooperation in filling the income tax returns in due date.

The Chief Commissioner and his team also promised to maximum facilitation and assistance in the filing of returns and other issues. (04)

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