Columbia Garbage Hill changes into a beautiful area, A garbage hill with a view



Columbia: 2 October 2021:A garbage hill with a view..If things are managed then they can transform into a beautiful destination. 

What are the greatest transformations made of?

Between 1977-84, a garbage dump was piled and raised into one of the worst disasters in Medill?n, Colombia.

Moravia, the four sq. km. of Medell?n, became the arrival ground of several immigrants. Why? It was the Civil War that let these people squat and settle. But this led to the rising of a massive mountain of refuse, as medical and industrial waste kept being disposed of there.

The face of the urban transformation began in 2004 when the then-mayor used soil purification techniques to create a garden for the community.

The new garden has over 50,000 plants. It has employed its residents, especially single mothers, and managed to reimagine its ecosystem.

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