Coronavirus death toll hits 4,761,948 worldwide, cases cross 232 million


WASHINGTON: 27, SEPTEMBER, 2021: The number of COVID-19 cases worldwide has passed 232 million (232,602,292) according to John Hopkins and AFP tally while the deadly virus claimed 4,761,948 lives worldwide so far and 209,239,576 patients have been recuperated.

Here the actual figure of coronavirus cases and deaths of top 15 affected countries:

The number of people infected with corona in the US, the world's hardest-hit country has risen to 43,750,983 and the total number of deaths has reached 706,317. 

India, the second hardest-hit country reported 33,678,786 cases with 447,225 deaths.

Brazil is the third worst-hit country by the coronavirus, with 21,351,972 patients and 594,484 deaths.

In UK, the virus infections reached 7,664,230 and death toll rose to 136,168.

In Russia, 7,420,913 people have been infected by Corona while the total death toll rose to 203,900.

Turkey reported 7,039,500 cases so far while death toll jumped to 63,166.

The coronavirus has infected 6,994,319 people in France and left 116,463 dead.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Iran has jumped to 5,533,520 and 119,360 have been died.

Argentina recorded 5,250,402 COVID-19 cases with 114,862 fatalities so far.

The number of cases in Colombia surged 4,951,675 and death toll crossed 126,145.

Number of cases in Spain has climbed to 4,946,601 with 86,229 deaths.

The total figure of fatalities due to coronavirus reached 130,697 in Italy while 4,660,314 infections recorded.

The death toll from Coronavirus in Indonesia has risen nearly 141,467, with 4,208,013 people affected.

Germany registered 4,206,257 patients with 93,979 deaths.

On the other hand, Mexico reported 3,632,800 cases so far with 275,446 fatalities. (04)

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