Deadly train accident, two trains collided Sheikhupura district, injuring at least 20 passengers.


SHEIKHUPURA:24 September 2023:  Deadly train accident, two trains collided on Sunday near Qila Sattar Shah Station in Punjab's Sheikhupura district, injuring at least 20 passengers.

Sources claim that a disaster occurred because a passenger train headed for Lahore from Mianwali was operating on the same track as an existing freight train.
The train driver made an effort to prevent the collision, but to no avail.
Twenty passengers aboard the train were hurt in the accident, say the emergency workers. They continued by saying that five injured passengers had been taken to the hospital located at the district office.
According to the railway officials, rescue efforts are under way at the scene of the accident, and a crash investigation has been started.

Meanwhile, a representative for the railroads stated , following the crash, train operations in the Lahore division are going without a hitch.After the accident, the track was cleared about 7:30 am, the spokesperson continued.
The statement added that the Mianwali Express had also been sent and that everyone on board was safe.

It is important to note that a freight train's four bogies derailed a day earlier close to the same railroad stop.

Shehbaz Sharif, a former prime minister and the leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), expressed regret for the tragedy and called for retribution against those accountable.
Accidents on Pakistan's aging train system are frequent, and successive governments have been attempting for years to win funding through China's Belt and Road Initiative to repair the rail network.

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