Dear Daughters..


Hyderabad: 29 Dec 2023: I hope with all my heart that I showed you the real me. That I didn’t pretend I had it all together, or that life was not hard. I hope I gave you the belief of you, in your core. That I loved you enough, albeit messily, to code a blueprint for life. To show you what love should look like.

And I hope I let you see me break, so you could understand, it is not an ending, rather a step. And it’s vital. Dear Daughter, I could not possibly have gotten everything right, and perhaps, thats the best thing I have given you. That knowledge. No one gets it right.

We are not here to be perfect, we are here to love, to grow stronger and more bright with every generation. Grow brighter my love, brighter than me.

As it very much should be. And when I can no longer be with you, remember, my cells live within you. You cannot, ever, lose me. Not really. We are a deal, a two for one, a team. For life. And everything after that.

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