Dozens killed as attacks on Rafah intensify


Gaza:  3 Feb 2024: In the eastern area of Rafah, 24 people lost their lives in overnight attacks, raising concerns about a potential Israeli army operation. Over one million displaced Palestinians, facing hunger, cold, and sickness, anxiously await the anticipated Israeli attack on Rafah city. Children are seen wandering the streets in search of bits of food amid the grim circumstances.

Following the October 7 attack by Hamas, in which 242 hostages were taken, Israel initiated a siege on the Gaza Strip. Western allies support Israel's bombardment of Gaza, while the United Nations and various groups condemn the assault on Palestinians, leading to global protests.

Nearly 90% of Gaza's population is displaced, with 1% casualties and 80% of housing units damaged. A seven-day truce in November resulted in the release of 105 hostages and 240 Palestinian prisoners.

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