Dreamy World, Broken stars


Hyderabad: 25 Jan 2023: BROKEN STARS
If it's his fault, It's yours.
If it's their fault, It's yours.
If it's my fault,
It's yours, you see,
For you are as me
And I am as you
In every face
You see.
Each one apart
But all as one,
We, in one, the same,
But even though
It is your fault,
Never was
There blame.
So in you grow,
For in truth you know
This path it grows
From love,
And when we grow,
We give to all
And praise comes
From above.
Simply here
For love or fear,
The choice is in the take.
I am you
And you are me,
Some asleep
And some awake.
Don't judge the man,
Love where you can,
You need
Your strong true heart
To lift this world
For every man,
Until we shine
As stars.
I am you
And you are me.
The karma shows
Don't choose the cage,
Live life so free;
Become your own
Moving to truth,
We're driving through
As passengers
In our cars,
But we lose our way
Reflecting pain;
Finding fault
In our own stars.

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