Dua Zehra from Alfalah Town is missing, the pain and agony of parents is unimaginable


Karachi: 24 April 2022: Everything so far about Dua Zehra Kazmi - 5 days ago, 14 yr old Dua Zehra went to the ground floor to throw garbage and has been missing since. She and her family live in an apartment on the first floor in Alfalah Town, Karachi. She dropped 2 bags but never went back up for the 3rd.
In a CCTC footage, a young girl was seen getting into a car willingly in the night. Neighbors wrongly assumed it was Dua Zehra, and the police also made an inaccurate report naming her as Dua. It was found later that it was another girl from the neighborhood. The SHO confirmed it is not her. The policeman who made the report was suspended.
Her father, Mehdi Ali Kazmi came today on Private Tv programm Shan e Ramzan with Waseem Badami for help. When asked if he had announcements made in the mosque, the father said the Mosque refused to make one for her because she was a Shia. "In naamon ka elaan hum nahin kerte"
(Read this again many times to truly realize what kind of snakes live among us)
Police did carry out a raid due to a tip-off in the Sanghar area of Sindh but another girl (also a child) was found and saved. She had also been kept forcefully against her will.
In an interview, Dua's father says he thinks people from the neighborhood are involved. He claims the footage from the CCTV that faces his house is missing while others are there. For 4 days, noone even let him see any of the CCTV footage either. (These are cameras outside people's homes and shops)
He requests everyone, lawmakers, courts, government to help and also asks the public to please stop making up stories about the child. Not to call her a drug addict, that she ran away and all the other hateful things some have been saying.
The poor father feels so helpless and desperate, he says that if his daughter is not found, he and his family will take their own lives in front of the Governor house.
I really really hope the poor child is found. I cannot even imagine what she must be facing right now.

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