Egyptian National Altercation with Native, Triggers Expulsion of all Foreign Students from Bishkek


Bishkek: 19 May 2024: " Egyptian National Altercation with Native, Triggers Expulsion of all Foreign Students from Bishkek"  Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar said that today, three special flights are bringing back 540 Pakistani students from Kyrgyzstan. Yesterday, 130 students came back on regular flights. The total number coming back today will be 670. The government also arranged a special flight with space for about 130 students. Around 50 students have shown interest in taking this flight.

This action follows violence in Kyrgyzstan's capital, Bishkek, where over 100 students arrived in Lahore last night. The violence occurred after a fight with Egyptian nationals on May 13, leading to locals attacking foreign students, including Pakistanis. The situation calmed down after Kyrgyz police intervened.

Pakistan has asked Kyrgyzstan to ensure the safety of its students and advised them to stay indoors until the situation improves.

Being stuck in a foreign country is really tough, especially if people there are being mean to you. That seems to be the case for students from other countries, like Pakistan, in Kyrgyzstan. They're facing a scary situation.

Lots of Pakistani students in the capital city and another place called Kant are reaching out for help. They're saying angry groups are breaking into their living spaces, hurting them, stealing their stuff, and even wrecking their things.

These students are scared and can't even go out to get food. Some scary videos online show big groups with weapons breaking doors and hurting students.

It seems like this all started after a fight between some foreign students and Egyptians on May 13th. Five Pakistanis got hurt. Pakistan is telling its students to stay inside to stay safe.

If things are really as bad as the students say, the government needs to step in and help them out. The Pakistani embassy in Kyrgyzstan should get hands-on and help the students with food, medicine, and security, and even help them get back home to their families if they want to.

The government should communicate clearly with both the students and the authorities in Kyrgyzstan. They should also set up helplines to give updates and help students with any problems they have.

The foreign minister should keep an eye on the situation and talk to Kyrgyz officials to make sure the students are safe.

We can't leave our citizens in a scary situation like this.

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