Election 2024, witnessed rigging at the Polling station, internet closure aid fuel to the fire.


KARACHI:9 Feb 2024:  Early on Thursday morning, political groups began to accuse one another of rigging the election, and numerous recordings of "malpractice" quickly went viral on social media. According to the PPP, ballots from the election workers in the PS-105 (Karachi East-IX) seat were stolen. According to the JI, MQM-P employees interfered with voting at several polling places. Social media users posted videos of guys in masks visiting polling places in Karachi. Nevertheless, until this complaint was filed, it was not possible to confirm the legitimacy or the exact date the videos were recorded.

Journalist Naimat Khan posted a video on his official X account depicting PPP candidate for NA-242, Qadir Khan Mandokhail, breaking down doors and barging into polling places with voting papers in hand. Mr. Mandokhail entered a polling place with a gang of supporters around him and proceeded to break vote boxes on the ground in front of poll workers and police.

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