Exorbitant Electricity Bills in Pakistan.


Hyderabad: 5 Sep 2023: Even while it is difficult to accept when more than half of the paycheck is used to pay for power, exorbitant electricity bills are not the major issue. The problem is how consumption is split up; for more than 20 years, households have been the primary electricity consumers, not productive industries.

According to India Energy Portal, household energy consumption in India is 24 percent, industrial energy consumption is 42 percent, and agricultural energy consumption is 17 percent, indicating industrialization.The economic development of Pakistan has been uneven.

According to economic theory, agriculture contributes the most to GDP, followed by industrialization as a country develops and, finally, the service sector as the economy matures.However, Pakistan's industrialization has prematurely declined. In FY23, agriculture contributed to around 25% of the GDP, but the services sector had the lion’s share at 54.3pc, and industries contributed 22pc

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