Feel the need to just live with less regrets and more achievements


Hyderabad: 11 November 2021: And in the soft touch of the wind, I felt it. My soul is solemnly find its course, the longing for comfort and quietness finally find its way in. Right here in the middle of undefined path I'm taking, each steps starts to feel lighter. As I begin to let go of the chaos I've been carrying, my knees find its courage to be stronger. Perhaps it's all worth it, the pain I've been through, the way it made me braver, it helps me surpass those unpleasant phase in the past. I lose a huge part of me but as my strength starts to build, I guess I'll be alright still.
I put a lot in this fight for a long while, maybe it's time to loosen up the heaviness in my shoulder. I've been too hard on myself for so many years, I guess it's time to give myself a chance to feel the rain without being hurt. It's not being ironic or what, I just feel the need to just live with less regrets. Though I know silhouette of the past don't fade easily, and it probably haunt me anytime, but I think it's way better to stop making excuses and just live at the moment instead.
Waiting in the dark for so long doesn't help me at all, shadows only consumed the better part of me, so i think I'll be braver to face whatever life will put me in. I'll be honest I'm not sure of where this path will lead me, but I guess I'll be okay wherever my destination will be. Which direction comes next I don't care much anymore, I'll take every shot. I'm all in to where this life will send me. I just want to feel alive again and I think I can't have it until I choose it. So I'm choosing it; to feel alive once more.
I guess it'll be alright. I'll be alright.
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