Ghaza Hospital fuel will run out in 48 hours


Palestine: 30 June 2024: Hospital fuel will run out in 48 hours, the warning said. The Ministry of Health in Gaza. According to Gaza's health ministry, if they don't receive gasoline, the region's few operating hospitals and medical institutions might lose electricity in 48 hours, rendering life-saving medical equipment inoperable, as reported by media.

The health ministry released a statement saying, "We appeal to all relevant, international, and humanitarian institutions to intervene quickly to bring in the necessary fuel."

Hospitals in Gaza are mostly dependent on fuel-powered generators to perform life-saving procedures because Israeli attacks have severely damaged the region's electrical infrastructure. Newspaper notes that recurring fuel shortages have regularly resulted in hospitals becoming black, seriously endangering the lives of patients.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) has relocated its temporary headquarters in southern Gaza's Khan Younis area due to ongoing Israeli attacks, as reported by Anadolu Agency.

The PRCS stated, "We have fully evacuated our temporary administrative headquarters in the Mawasi Khan Younis area. Shrapnel falling on the building and direct shelling posed a serious danger to our staff working inside."

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