Girls are like country roads the best ones got Curves, embrace all body types.



London/Los Angeles: 11 September 2021: Give yourself a versatile pieces for every aspect of your lifestyle, from work to the weekend. My personal goal was to encourage people to design clothing you would look + feel amazing in ? each piece was designed to favor your curves, and everything from blouses, to sweaters, skirts, and dresses have POCKETS.

The whole issue to write this article is because for now, I don?t want to be quiet about this subject. A discussion online is not possible and I don?t want to offend people. I believe every woman is beautiful in every size. And yes, also women larger than size 46.

I want to show that you no longer should be a victim, please? change! Change your mindset. Think different, think positive, and create! Enjoy fashion, because fashion is fun! Size is a highly emotional issue. Size is not simply a number, it is a state of mind. media and influencers have pressurized almost every next girl to look like a Model. We girls must understand the spirit that we will no longer be a size victim but will be size heroes now the same stereotyping case goes with the top international brands as well one of the plus-size ladies wrote, I want Chanel, but Chanel doesn?t want me.

Stop labeling yourself! ts have been enough hating own self for who we are.  I think it?s a fantastic statement. And I agree. No more labels, no more judging. I believe if we keep labeling ourselves, we will label others. And the stigma, bullying, prejudice will stay. I think when we stop putting a label on our forehead, slowly the stigma will go away.

And yes, I came up with a new label: in between. That was to get more attention for this ?forgotten? group. You can also call this group ?average size?, but also this label is not spectacular: who wants to be average? And in the end, the word in-between will disappear as a concept I meant it. In the end, it will melt into the straight-size fashion, no more different size categories anymore. At least, that?s what I am hoping for, but that will be my forecast.

No more labels. But, after years, I believe in not labeling myself anymore. I only use them as tags, without tags, no one will find you anymore online nowadays, especially Instagram. That?s why we keep seeing: fat, fit, curvy, in-between, 40plus, old, young, tall, short, healthy, sporty, etc. I believe we have to stop that. And that?s so weird, no one wants labels, but for Google, we still have to think in boxes, think in labels, finding persons, finding things, finding stereotypes, etc. And that is so contrary, from one side we don?t want to label, but labels are so useful? or not?

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