He loved her for her mind


KARACHI: 12 October 2022 "He loved her for her mind. The straight lines of correct connections, and even the scribbles going every which way. The over-thinking mind, the over analyzing mind, the smart mind, and the chaos within.
He loved her for her heart. The deeply feeling, super in touch with her emotions, very empathetic, and capable of deep soulful passionate love. Even with the beautifully colored stained glass shattered pieces within, and the black hole that can't ever be mended from the brokeness she feels. He loved it all.
He loved her for her body. Sensual, porcelain, silky soft, beautiful, and innocent. With a dark that he only gets to see, adore, devour, and chain for his using.
He loved her for her smile. For when she asked what he misses most, He always answered 'You're Smile'.
He loved her for her eyes and the way she looked at him with love, trust, devotion, desire, seduction, and teasing. A look that would make him sit back when she turned her head to the side to look at him longingly.
He loved her for her cute jokes, and bubbly, happy, kind, personality that was infectious.
He loved her for her bad days. The days when she spiraled down, felt numb, was quiet, with no enthusiasm, slept for hours, and stared off into space. Maybe that's when he loved her the most. When she was at her most vulnerable point, broken, a complete mess, just crying, and not herself. That's when he loved her harder. Even the strong fall.
But if she asked him when he loved her immensely with the outpouring of his soul, She would have to say...when she's standing infront of him wearing just her black lace panties, her arms tied bound above her, trust given to him 100%, with a whip in his hand as he's admiring his handiwork, and licking her tears...telling her how beautiful she is, and that she's the love of his life. That's when.

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