He saw the classics....Pride and Prejudice


Hyderabad: 31 July 2022: As he was walking around, he started to notice how many books I had laying around in different rooms. I saw him smiling picking up my vintage Alice in Wonderland 2nd edition book from 1928, running his fingers down the spine. I quickly nervously told him not to get any oil on the red cover. So he hastily put it down. He noticed Peter Pan sitting right next to it. I saw him interested when he saw all the Tudor history books I collected. He then gave me this inquisitive look when he saw a few serial killer thrillers in the corner. He saw the classics....Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, Jane Eyre, The Scarlet Letter, and The Lord of the Rings. I dont know how many times I read them. There's just this big connection I have to them and the characters. He stopped at the poetry section of my books, sensual and romantic, as he grinned. He turned to look at me and asked me one simple question. 'Why do you have so many books? You obviously love reading'. I didn't even have to think. I knew the answer. I said, 'Because they're the only friends that never leave'. He walked over to me, kissing my forehead, not even saying a word, and I knew he completely understood"

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