Her Smile made me forget the World....


Hyderabad: 5 June 2023: See her smiling with a little laughter? That's an act. An act to seem normal to other people around her who are used to her always laughing and smiling. She smiles hoping it would pull her into a happier mood. She smiles for your benefit so you don't take anything personally because that's the last thing she wants.

She smiles because she doesn't want to drag anyone else down with her or turn a happy time sour. She smiles because that's what she should be doing in that moment.

She's beautiful when she smiles and her eyes beam bright. That's what a few told her. But it's not how she feels. She feels constant sadness that's always underlying in every hour of her day. No matter what she's doing. If alone, or trying to have a good fun time with others out somewhere. It's always there.

She can't control it at all. She feels grief and brokenness that feels like she's drowning in the deepest part of the water, and as much as she tries...she just can't make it up to the surface.

She's in a perpetual dark forest that she can't make her way out of. So she smiles. She smiles brightly. You would never ever think anything is wrong with her. When you see this smile of hers, now you know why it exists. You don't even have to say a word. Just hold her."






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