High Court Bar association Hyderabad demands to conduct elections in 90 days


The president High Court Bar Association Hyderabad as demanded from the interim government and the election commission of Pakistan to hold the general election within 90 days is required by constitution of Pakistan the delay beyond 90 days will amount to negotiation of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan the constitution of Pakistan be acted upon in letter and spirit .

Otherwise it will create not only that precedent but will give away to  future rulers to delay the election and to bypass the constitution.

Election Commission shall immediately announced the date of election the election commission shall demarcate new constituencies scheme too should be started immediately and be completed within 90 days.  

The concerned Agencies are required to make sure that elections are conducted within90 days else negation of constitution will open new Pandora Box and people will make their own interpretation of the and constitution and the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan will not remain as sacred document.

In such situation, it is therefore demanded that the Government and Election Commission of Pakistan shall act upon the constitution in letter and spirit and immediately announce the date of election.

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