Hospitality been extended to Afghan refugees, it overburden Sindh Province


  • Hyderabad: 30 Nov 2023: Legal Frameworks: While hospitality has been extended to Afghan refugees in Pakistan for decades, there might be legal considerations, including the need to address immigration policies, international agreements, and the long-term integration or repatriation of refugees in accordance with international law.
  • Social and Economic Impact: Hosting a large refugee population can strain resources, impacting local communities, infrastructure, and economy. There may be valid concerns regarding employment, education, healthcare, and housing for both refugees and locals.
  • Security Concerns: There might be security challenges associated with hosting a significant refugee population, including potential risks related to extremism, crime, and border control.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Discussions on the issue should focus on finding sustainable solutions that balance humanitarian concerns with the rights and needs of both refugees and the hosting country.
  • afThis could involve international cooperation, support for repatriation efforts, or long-term integration programs. In addressing the situation of Afghan refugees in Pakistan, it's crucial to consider a comprehensive approach that prioritizes human rights, security, and the well-being of both refugees and the host community.

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