How a person on a lower merit gets allocation compared to a person on higher merit in federal competitive examination


Hyderabad : October 21, 2022: A. There are some possible reasons for allocation of a person of lower merit and non allocation of a person in higher merit:
1. The person in higher merit is already a CSP he is undertaking exams just for improving a group and he does not want to go in a group allotted to him and does not opt that group in his preference order so in that case the seat goes to a candidate who is next/lower to him in merit number.
2. A person does not opt a group in his preference order for example Postal group, now if his merit equates to postal group's merit he will not be granted that seat because it is not his preference he will remain unallocated but a person next or lower to him in merit who has mentioned postal group in his preferences will get a seat.
3. Several quotas come into place, biggest of them is provincial quota where Punjab and Kashmir's candidates dont get allocation despite having higher merit numbers but no seats as compared to low merit numbers with available seats in other areas, then inside provinces things get more tricky in the shape of women and minority quotas where Muslim male candidates are the most underprivileged as they can only compete on open merit seats of the province, while Non Muslim Female Candidate is the most privileged one she can compete on open merit seats, for seats for women quota and then for seats of minorities. That is why it may happen that a person from Punjab or any other province landing at a way lower merit number than any other person from same province may get allocation if he/she is from a minority or woman as there are greater number of seats there and a person way above than that candidate may get nothing because he is only considered on open merit seats of that province.

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