Human rights activists from Karachi, visiting Faisalabad had been held and abused by Faisalabad police


Faisalabad: 23 September 2023: On Saturday, it was revealed that two human rights activists from Karachi who were visiting Faisalabad had been temporarily held and abused by police. In response, the police accused the two of misbehaving.
Jibran Nasir, a lawyer and rights advocate, brought up the event on Friday in a number of posts on X, formerly known as Twitter.
Nasir said in a post about the "extremely alarming and condemnable action by Punjab police" that two well-known human rights advocates from Karachi, Pastor Ghazala Shafique and Luke Victor, were traveling to Faisalabad to assist Reverend Father Eleazar Sidhu.

The first information report (FIR) states that on September 3, shots were fired at and injured Christian priest Sidhu.According to the FIR, Sidhu, a minister at the Myong-Sang Naserth church in the Jaranwala tehsil, was shot and wounded while he was walking home from the church in the evening by an unidentified bearded man.

The FIR further stated that on August 28, while he was leading prayers in the church, someone scribbled offensive religious slurs against him on the building's exterior wall, which were afterwards whitewashed by police in response to his complaint.



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