If you do not love your Job, then you are keep digging your grave every single day



Hyderabad: 27 September 2021: When living starts to feel like a job, when things gets rough and it feels getting heavier, if you feel weak each time you try, if you get stuck and can't make a move, when waking up begins to scare you, breathe for a moment and take a good shot of silence. 

Turn around, look back, stare at where you walk through, close your eyes, and think; is it all worth it? Is the baggage you're carrying is worth every damn weight? To whom you're doing this? Are they worth the pain? Are you still having your hope kept underneath your skin? If yes, then you still got more shot of possibilities. Grab it, and use it to seek the answer. Do not be afraid to turn back if needed. Do not wander this life with no intention of living.

Know when did this feeling start to consume you and learn to accept what it is that needs to be embraced. You can never see the answers if you keep digging your grave, be a little braver to conquer your fears. Yes, it's easier said than done, but taking a shot in chances is way better than waiting for nothing. Stop feeding your life with regrets. Find what makes you feel alive again, and live life with a little more hope in your pockets 

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