If your partner does not look you this way, is he really your partner...


New York: 6 May 2022: Let your partner know in private and in public that they are the most wonderful sight to cherish. Often partners forget that their spouse is still only theirs, no matter how big a crowd they are in. This often stems into insecurity when one of the spouses take the limelight. People forget that spouses are one team! Success of one is an achievement of both. People forget how important it is to big up your spouse when an audience watches! In Desi setting, there's often lack of admiration between spouses, instead hurtful jokes are cracked & they make eachother uncomfortable to please relatives. Our society deems abuse more acceptable than public displays of affection. Why is love such an alien concept? We all deserve a partner whose jaw always drops when he sees us. Who tells the whole world what we mean to them! Our safe haven. The way Ryan Reynolds looks at Blake Lively

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