Imran Khan succeeds in Punjab


Lahore: 18 July 2022: His political narrative vis-a-vis the Imported Government has won.
He stands vindicated.
This is the pulse of Pakistan today.
Khan’s success, despite heavy odds, is reminiscent of Quaid-e-Azam’s spectacular victory in generals elections of the undivided British India, 1946, that paved the way for the creation of Pakistan.
This is Khan’s vote. His resolve, grit, and resistance distinguished him from tens of his frontline opponents.
Not too many Third World leaders can afford to say “Absolutely Not”, and still survive.
Khan’s PTI won 17 Punjab Assembly seats from among 20 under contest. The outcome of this election triggers the collapse of a bogus government in Punjab. Islamabad too is likely to feel shock, and awe in the coming weeks.

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