Imran Khan's complaints about his living conditions in Adiala Jail


Hyderabad: 6 June 2024: The federal government responded to Imran Khan's complaints about his living conditions in Adiala Jail by submitting a report to the Supreme Court. In the report, they included pictures and details of the facilities provided to him.

During a hearing on May 30 regarding appeals filed by the government against a court decision, Imran Khan had claimed he was in solitary confinement without access to materials or legal assistance. He also mentioned difficulties in meeting his legal team due to a system managed by a colonel. The report, presented by Deputy Attorney General Raja Muhammad Shafqat Abbasi, aimed to provide accurate information. It included details of Imran's monthly visits and pictures of his living quarters.

The court was offered the option to appoint a judicial officer to verify the facts. The images depicted Imran's prison room, which contained amenities like an LED TV, a cooler, a study table, a chair, and a separate area for him to walk twice a day.

Other pictures showed a cupboard with cooking ingredients, various books for reading, an exercise machine, and a bookshelf. The report also listed the dates of visits from Imran's relatives, legal team, and members of his party. In response, the PTI criticized the condition of Imran's room, claiming he lacked basic facilities and human rights entitlements. They accused the government of denying him these rights and labeled it as unprecedented fascism in Pakistan.

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