In order to drive her Crazy You just have to be aware of the subtle hints.


Hyderabad: 19 Dec 2023: Did you think about her as you were driving alone? Maybe in the middle of a meeting. Or maybe as you're working on a document alone in your office. Did you remember how you had her on the floor under your desk? Over your desk? In the conference room where you typically sit when you're making a deal? Her presence is at your work any point of the day in different rooms. Maybe you can even smell her perfume lingering, remembering those moments. Do you close your eyes as you see it in your mind? Still hearing her moans? You can almost feel her writhing under you. All as if it was just yesterday. Yet was months ago. The anticipation just grows throughout your day.

Visioning how she turns and looks at you with that look only she gives you. You know the one. The one that makes you sit back and just want her as you're at dinner. The clock is ticking and your anxiousness grows knowing you'll meet that night. No one ever made you feel the way she does. No one ever connected with you on so many levels, especially sexually. She meshes with and wraps around you like the scarf around her neck-as you pull it back and twist to choke her as you're kissing her in your car. No one knows you and understands you the way she does. You never fully showed anyone all that you are, the real you....except for her. She knows. She can gauge your reactions, your feelings, your next words, your mood, even your next thoughts. You've never been this open and raw with anyone else. And neither has she. Only you know the real her.

All the sides of her that makes her who she is. You also gauge her moods, her reactions, her feelings. You know her more than anyone else ever has. It takes a lot for her to show the real her. Just like you. And you found it in each other. No other relationship you had was like this. Intense, raw, open, high trust, sensual, romantic, and dark all in one. You can't get enough of each other. So yes, you anticipate all day while you're at work. Waiting for that time you'll meet again and feel her. Her hair in your fist, your mouth on her neck. All she has to do is close her eyes and imagine and feel as if you're right there, feeling her. Now all you have to do is text her what dress set you want her to wear. Only thing is...will she listen. Will she challenge you and rile you, stirring something deep and primal inside? She enjoys doing that to you. And You know you love it.

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