Increase Your Intelligence Level


Karachi: 9 July 2023: 1. Recognize your ignorance first. By doing so, your mind will become open to all kinds of learning, which is contrary to living in arrogance.
2. Play chess or any mental games every day. With just 10-minute games every day, you will stimulate your mind toward strategic thinking.
3. Jump rope. This is one of the best exercises that require coordination and will also keep your body and mind in good shape.
4. Practice mindfulness. This will keep your mind always in the present rather than dwelling in the memories of the past or worries of the future. Mindfulness will help you reset your mind and free it into productivity.
5. Talk to people you meet every day even if you don't know them. Talk to supermarket cashier, the taxi driver, the barber etc. Social interaction with strangers stimulates your mind.
6. Write social media posting every day for one year. Writing also stimulates your creativity and makes you smarter.
7. Learn a new language. Learning a new foreign language makes you cleverer all rounds. First of all, learning new vocabulary and grammar structures improves your memory and your attention span, making you better able to pick up and retain information in other areas.
8. Learn a new skill. Learning new skills is key to greasing the wheels of creativity, personal development, and productivity. There are thousands of courses on the web. Start today.










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