Independence Day celebration seminar under (GRASP) and SAFWCO held at Hyderabad


Hyderabad: August 13, 2022: For the country's economic development, there is needed to bring the youth into the agribusiness. These remarks were made by social representatives and academia while speaking at the inauguration ceremony and Independence Day celebration seminar under Growth for Rural Advancement and Sustainable Progress (GRASP) a project financed by the European Union through SAFWCO at Hyderabad. On that occasion, Mr. Nadeem ur Rehman Memon Commissioner Hyderabad said that agriculture is the backbone of our country but the energy crisis has affected agriculture along with other sectors. He further said that unfortunately no comprehensive research could be done on this crisis, while developed countries are taking full advantage of solar energy. He further added that the energy crisis can be overcome by installing solar panels in the plain land of Tharparkar Mr. Suleman G. Abro, the head of the SAFWCO, while speaking, said that conventional agriculture activities carried out in our country, which is neither profitable nor successful, he said we can play an important role in the development of the country by bringing innovation in agriculture activities. He further said that SAFWCO is working on this development since a long which has seen that the farmers of Sindh want to bring innovation in agriculture but due to lack of resources it was not possible for them. Mr. Suleman G. Abro said that loans are being given to small farmers under the GRASP project for the development of agri business and women's hand-made designs and other businesses so that they can modernize their businesses and play their role in the development of the country. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kunbhar and Prof. Dr. Ijaz Khonharu said that bringing innovation in the agricultural sector is the most important need of the hour for the development of the country. The seminar was attended by SAFWCO MD Syed Sajjad Ali Shah, Executive Director Altaf Nizamani, Project Director Mustafa Rajpar, and Director Livestock Hizbullah Bhutto along with representatives of Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Agriculture, Sindh Abadgar Board, Commercial Banks, Microfinance Institutions and GoS Officials.

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