Iran attack praised in Gaza


Palestine: 14 April 2024: ‘A hero in the eyes of Palestinians’: Iran attack praised in Gaza
Footage circulated from Gaza shows many residents, including inside displacement tents, whistling and others chanting in joy as Israel’s skies were lit up by Iranian missiles and Israeli interceptors.

“Whoever decides to attack Israel, dares to attack Israel at a time when the whole world acts in its service, is a hero in the eyes of Palestinians regardless of whether we share their [Iran] ideology or not,” said Majed Abu Hamza, 52, a father of seven, from Gaza City.

“We have been slaughtered for over six months and no one dared to do anything. Now Iran, after its consulate was hit, is hitting back at Israel and this brings joy into our hearts.”

Hamas defended Iran’s attack saying the assault was “a natural right and a deserved response” to the strike on the Iranian consulate in Syria’s capital Damascus on April 1.

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