Is attacking minorities, killing them mercilessly to make scores, has become the new sport for our nation?


Hyderabad: 4 December 2021: Just a reminder that we not just live with those people who tortured and burnt a man al¡ve.. but we also live with people who are passionately and ONLY worried about the image of Pakistan instead of condemning the fact that a man was tortured and burnt alive by a mob.This isn't the first time something like this has happened in Pakistan. Afsos.. nothing has been learnt from past mob lynching mentality. Honestly.. I give up, I don't think this thing will ever change. We can make all the noise we want but this thing will keep on happening. There needs to be more control on setting up proper systems to handle and judge cases of blasphemy in a fair way.. the crowd/people just lose all their senses in passion/rage that they themselves end up going against the thing they trying to stand up for. Ridiculous.
I remember having sleepless nights and very high fever after the case of Sialkot brothers' gruesome and most barbaric murder. And as we all still struggle to shun that horrific visuals from our mind... a Sri Lankan factory worker was mob lynched and set ablaze in order to settle personal scores by using blasphemy accusation. This comes weeks after government "compromising" with the apologists of those who snatched 151 kids from their mothers. This collective evil conscience of a huge mob is the scariest human side we are witnessing. I can't imagine what that man must have gone through when hundreds pounced on him. How helpless.. how afraid he would have been. NOT ONE PERSON SAID IT WAS A MONSTROUS ACT? Scariest, the most barbaric... the very near of doomsday.

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