Jamshoro: TRDP, Women Development Department celebrate Int'l Women's Day


JAMSHORO: 31, MARCH, 2022: (Report By: Ali Murad Chandio): TRDP and Women Development Department celebrated International Women's Day by organizing a workshop in Jamshoro.
Nasreen Khan, TRDP District Manager, welcomed the participants and shared the updates on efforts taken by TRDP to uplift rural women and their social and economic empowerment. She shared different case studies of rural women’s journey towards empowerment.
Ghazala Panhwar, Director of Sociology Department, Gender biasness is deeply rooted in cultures, economies, political and social institutions around the world. Women and girls are facing unacceptable levels of discrimination and abuse, which is not only wrong but also prevents them from playing a full part in society and development. All the stakeholders need to take measures to create an ecosystem that encourages women to participate in every walk of life in order to bring a positive change in society.
Mukesh Kumar Khatwani, Director of Area Study Center, appreciated the efforts taken by TRDP to economic empowerment of women.
He said that we all should focus on our attitude towards females within our social spheres and need to change from there, from house to educate our children regarding equality.
Ashaiqe Hussain Kalhoro, Director of Women Development Department, women Development, said that the department is working to empower women by providing them social, economic, and legal assistance in all field through different projects.
The celebration of this day is aimed at raising awareness to develop the self-esteem and confidence of women. The department has established a women's complaint cell and free helpline 1094 to assist women throughout the province.
Marvi Awan, Director Protect Cell Hyderabad Enlighted participant on women's rights and laws protecting women.
Janat, chairperson LSO network, expressed her views that TRDP has given us social space and courage to raise the voice of women on such platforms.
She said that still many women are left behind and together we would work to create an environment of equality and fair treatment for women at all levels.
On this occasion, TRDP has set the rural artisan’s stalls to showcase their traditional products.
Additional Deputy Commissioner-I and the district line department officials from Social welfare, Education, Health, Livestock departments, academia, students, visitors, community women, activists, media, and a large number of participants attended the event. (04)

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