Kanye Steps into the Adult Film Industry


New york: Bianca Censori, Kanye West's partner, is apparently upset over his latest foray into the adult film industry. Censori is 'freaking out' over the possible effects this move could have on their future, according to reports regarding the rapper and fashion mogul's controversial plans. After episodes in which Kanye 'paraded her around naked,' Bianca is now extremely concerned about the course of his new endeavor and what it may entail for her.

Due in large part to the couple's "indecent" public appearances, Kanye has been embroiled in controversy for several months now, prompting bystanders to accuse the musician of "mistreating" his wife. However, Bianca has always remained mute and composed when being pictured. Prior tidings had circulated, describing how Kanye's desire to speak with Censori's father disturbed his wife's family.

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