Karachi 114 million people suffering for Water woes


Karachi: 25 October 2023: The United Nations said on Wednesday that there were more than 114 million people living in forced displacement from their homes worldwide, a record high.According to a statement issued by the UNHCR, "the number of people displaced by war, persecution, violence, and human rights violations globally is likely to have exceeded 114 million at the end of September."

The UNHCR claims that the main causes of the first half of 2023 were the conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Myanmar, and Ukraine. A prolonged humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and a combination of drought, flooding, and insecurity in Somalia were other important contributing causes.

"Right now, the world is appropriately focused on the humanitarian disaster in Gaza. But still, far  too many wars are spreading or getting worse on a worldwide scale, taking the lives of innocent people and uprooting people,” said UN refugee chief Filippo Grandi.

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