Khuwajasiras determined to play their role in every field of life


Karachi: 4 January 2022; In a resolution with the Pakistan People's Party legislators in the Sindh Assembly, the Law Department, the Sindh Police, the Election Commission, the Sindh Commission on the Status of Women, and the Sindh Ministry of Local Governments, we all agreed that:
1. Khwajasiras will have a quota in all local government elections, along with differently abled people
2. The Police will continue training and sensitising its staff to khwajasira dignity and respect
3. The Law Department will actively assist in recognizing Constitutional Gaps and expand the scope of the current drafted Act for Khwajasira Rights in Sindh to fill those gaps
4. The Social Welfare Department will immediately act on making a safe community house and vocation center for khwajasiras, and increase its khwajasira employment quota from 1% to 5%
5. And that it is a landmark opportunity for Sindh to reclaim its place as the last frontier in Pakistan for progressive reform through reasserting indigenous rights of faqiri and khwajasiraiyat.
But for now, these are promises. And we want actions, not words.
Next Step:
A provincial government backed inquiry into the systematic violence on khwajasira bodies in Sindh, the report of which will feed into the draft legislation.
Commendable leadership by Sara Gill Khan for drafting the current law, and Shahzadi Rai for leading the charge on political engagement and empowerment. Take note political parties, these women better be in the assemblies soon.
Doctor M Moiz

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