LAST ACTION HERO... boy on the burning deck


Dubai:7 Sep 2022: Not sure if young Naseem Shah fathoms what he has done tonight, saving his country’s blushes from the edge. But then, what do you expect from someone who stayed on for national duty on his maiden international tour to Australia in late 2019 after his mother passed away in Pakistan because he wanted to live his and her dream. It’s not easy to understand how someone his age would summon the courage to do that, but he did. There’s a video of him wiping his tears as he received his Test cap and that, I suspect, would always remain in my mind his first and lasting memory. But his composure at the crease as millions of Pakistani hearts nearly lost their beat beggars belief. Never mind the eruption after those two lusty blows. They were well earned. What he did tonight will make him, God willing.
Meanwhile, welcome to the latest chapter of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
One thing Pakistan consistently gets right - give youngsters a chance. The lad will go places. Thrice he told Ravi Shastri he knew he could hit sixes because he had done so in the nets. I just loved his confidence and expression..
Long live Pakistan

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