Life is very short, we all are mortal, do not hold Grudge, be kind


Hyderabad: 29 January 2022: I can't count the times I doubt myself, I used be so unsure of a lot of things. I've been so afraid of choosing. I've been so much scared of losing. But I got my turning point when I realized how short life is. And slowly I get the courage to start believing in myself. It's true that life will teach you the things you needed to know, and it comes unexpectedly. As I grow older I get the bravery to choose what makes me happy without having to weigh my worth. And I'm saying this as my testimony. I maybe didn't succeed on a lot of things, but I am proud of how far I am from whom I was. I get my courage on, and I think that's worth celebrating for.
I admit it took me so long to finally realized these things. I've wasted too much time overthinking things I shouldn't worry about. I know I can't turn back times, I can't undone the things I've done, I can't fix the the things I should've done better, but I am working on in process to make sure that my future self won't grieve over me anymore. I know gravity will always have the power to fall me down, but I will try my best to stand every time life breaks me down. I'll rest my worries down and I'll try my best to continue moving forward. I made my decision and that's choosing to move forward.
The rest of things that worries me, I give it all to God. I know He has a plan and whatever I will be in the future, I believe that it's written in his plans for me. I can't guarantee that I never get confused again, but I'll make sure I will asked God for guidance. I don't know if the future that's waiting for me is better than I thought or not, but I'll leave the rest in time. Today is what more important and I'll serve this day as the progress of the process I'm making.
I know there's gonna be ocean to sail so, the cold might consumed me, the storms might break me, but I'll keep on making it worthy to endure. I'll take every pain as part of the process I'm making. I'll take every struggles as foundation of my faith. And I'll remember every single thing I've been through and one day, if make it to my destination, I'll tell God how grateful I am to know what life really is.
I'll take every single day as pages of my story, I'll take every step,every experience unforgettable. And as I continue working on to make it worth to share, I promise to not give up on the process. I will be braver to make this journey of mine be my own kind of art. I'll make it my own kind of success. To what lies ahead may the Lord guide my soul to see His plans for me.

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