Man has constantly violated Nature


Hyderabad: 17 July 2023: Man has defended himself, always against other men, against Nature. He has constantly violated Nature. The result is a civilization built on force, power, fear, dependence.

All our "technical progress" has only provided us with comfort, a sort of standard. And instruments of violence to keep power.

We are like savages! We use the microscope like a cudgel! No, that's wrong. Savages are more spiritual than us! As soon as we make a scientific breakthrough we put it to use in the service of evil.

And as for the standard, some wise man once said that sin is that which is unnecessary. If that is so, then our entire civilization is built on sin, from beginning to end.

We have acquired a dreadful disharmony, an imbalance, if you will, between our material and our spiritual development. Our culture is defective. I mean, our civilization.

Basically defective, my boy! Perhaps you mean that we ought to study the problem and look for a solution together. Perhaps we could, if it wasn't so late. Altogether too late. ~





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