Margot Robbie entered into Gin Business


California: 23 June 2024: Margot Robbie made headlines last year with her film Barbie, but now she's diving into a new venture.

She's stepping into the lucrative gin market with her own brand, Papa Salt, which she co-founded with her husband and friends. The I, Tonya star finds the gin business more predictable and manageable compared to the uncertainties of movies.

“Movies are a volatile business where you're selling something intangible, an idea. You never know its potential earnings, audience, reception,” she told media.

“In contrast, this feels more straightforward, easier to forecast. You can map it out on a spreadsheet, unlike a film concept,” she explained.

Margot admitted apprehensions about joining an industry where Hollywood names like Brad Pitt and George Clooney have succeeded. Yet, she emphasized her and her husband’s passion for drinks alongside movies, stating, “These are our passions, and now we've pursued both.”

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