National security policy 2022-2036 craves for Peace and focuses on Geo-Economics.


Zahid Ahmed Thebo
Hyderabad: 14 July 2022: Change in policies is on its way, Pakistan has suffered enormously due to its faulty policies and hostilities with its neighbours. Pakistan's new security policy is more of Geo-economics than Geo-strategic.
Pakistan aims not to be the prisoner of geography that it has been in its previous years as Abdul Sattar said in his book foreign policy 1947 to 2019 with his 30 plus years of experience. Largely its ties with India have been hostile, firing and killings at border areas. This policy consisted of 100 pages half of them n be shared and half is classified. Largely the focus is on Geo Economics and trade between these two neighbour states.
Pakistani officials quoted saying that the central theme is about economic security and rising together rather than starting or nourishing another 100 years of hostility with New Delhi.
Kashmir will be a “vital national policy” issue for Pakistan.
On Ground:
Despite its professed turn towards Geo-economics, Pakistan has not yet provided transit to India’s aid of 50,000 tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan nor does it permit the trade of Indian goods to Afghanistan via its land borders.

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