Nationwide Protests against heavy Electricity Price, P.M calls emergency meeting


Karachi: 27 August 2023: In response to nationwide demonstrations by citizens over high power bills, caretaker prime minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar has called an urgent meeting in Islamabad today. The discussion will be about electricity tariffs and consumer bills.A day earlier, Kakar called an emergency meeting after protests were conducted in cities all over the nation over excessive electricity bills as a result of a large hike in the national average tariff.
To offer "maximum relief to consumers" in this regard, the premier will ask the electricity division and power distribution corporations (Discos) for briefings.
The government has also come up with a plan to stop subsidizing the electricity used by Discos and government employees in grades 17 and up.
On Saturday, Power Division Secretary Rashid Mahmood Langrial and Interim Information Minister Murtaza Solangi met to discuss the problem of exorbitant electricity costs.
Dawn received confirmation from the minister that the provision of free electricity units to Discos officers will also be eliminated and that a proposal to reinstate the provision of free electricity to officers in grades 17 and higher would be presented at the subsequent cabinet meeting.
The minister was informed that the increase in electricity tariffs “predominantly affected consumers utilising more than 400 units” per month, and the tariff has remained unchanged for 63.5 per cent of domestic consumers.

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