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Hyderabad: 10 December 2021: "How could I not make this a cliché, when I just wanted to be there right beside you"
If days come to you like a sighing band, where rest could save you no longer, and that any minute your bones would collapse— my dear, come to me. Would greet you with open arms, hope that they are warm enough, and buy some hot cocoa to make it somehow better. We'll play "Run" by Tay&Ed and slip through the countryside. Pick up some marigolds and kiss them to your lips, to remind you it's gonna be fine. We'll turn every tear into dewdrops, even if the night is long, we'll take it slow till morning comes to our skin, and it's gonna be fine. Fireflies would come to hug the fault lines that reside on your hands, like a refuge, and it's fine. I wanted this so grand, beyond raw, far from clichés— but I would not mind if this goes south. As long as you feel safe and sound.
unopened mailbox

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