Oppressing women not only hurts women, it also hurts men.



KABUL, Afghanistan: 15 September 2021:  The Taliban vowed  to respect women?s rights, forgive those who fought them and ensure Afghanistan does not become a haven for terrorists as part of a publicity blitz aimed at reassuring world powers and a fearful population.

Following a lightning offensive across Afghanistan that saw many cities fall to the insurgents without a fight, the Taliban have sought to portray themselves as more moderate than when they imposed a strict form of Islamic rule in the late 1990s.

But many Afghans remain skeptical ? and thousands have raced to the airport, desperate to flee the country.Older generations remember the Taliban?s previous rule, when they largely confined women to their homes, banned television and music, and held public executions. A U.S.-led invasion drove them from power months after the 9/11 attacks, which al-Qaida had orchestrated from Afghanistan while being sheltered by the Taliban.

As a group that champions violent misogyny is taking over Afghanistan, it is worth studying how the most sexist societies work.In rich, liberal countries, the idea of the male kinship group as the basic unit of society faded long ago.

Elsewhere it is surprisingly common, and not just in Afghanistan. The obstacles females face begin in the womb. Thanks to sex-selective abortion and neglect, at least 130m of them are missing from the world?s population.That means many men are doomed to remain single; and frustrated single men can be dangerous.

Oppressing women not only hurts women; it also hurts men. 

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