Pakistan wins non-permanent seat on UNSC


Washington: 6 June 2024: After an intense campaigning period, Pakistan secured a resounding victory on Thursday, winning a massive majority as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council (UNSC), a crucial global institution.

Pledging to address the significant challenges confronting the world, Pakistan attained an overwhelming 182 votes in the 193-member General Assembly, well beyond the required 124 votes for a two-thirds majority.

Amidst enthusiastic applause in the iconic General Assembly hall, President Dennis Francis announced Pakistan's election, along with Denmark, Greece, Panama, and Somalia, to replace outgoing members Japan, Ecuador, Malta, Mozambique, and Switzerland, whose terms conclude on December 31.

He extended congratulations to the newly elected members. Starting January 1, 2025, Pakistan will assume its two-year term on the UNSC, succeeding Japan in the Asian seat, marking its eighth tenure on the council. Munir Akram, Pakistan’s permanent representative to the UN, expressed confidence in Pakistan's ability to uphold the UN Charter's principles and objectives.

He emphasized Pakistan's commitment to collaborate actively with other council members towards shared goals, particularly focusing on conflict prevention and peaceful resolution, aligning with the UN Charter's mandate.

Pakistan's previous stints on the council occurred in 2012-13, 2003-04, 1993-94, 1983-84, 1976-77, 1968-69, and 1952-53. Assuming the UNSC membership amidst global challenges, Pakistan outlined its priorities, including promoting peace and security in South Asia, advocating for the self-determination of the people of Palestine and Kashmir, supporting Afghanistan's normalization efforts, seeking equitable solutions to security challenges in Africa, and enhancing the effectiveness of UN peacekeeping operations.

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