Palestinian children continue to bleed while the Developed World silently watches innocent blood."


Palestine: 3 May 2024: The Israeli army bombed a house in Gaza's Rafah and seven people, including four children, were killed. Rebuilding Gaza after the war will be very expensive, possibly as much as $40 billion. The United Nations says this will be a huge effort, like what happened after World War II, because there's been a lot of damage to buildings and many people have lost their lives. Israel has been blocking off Gaza for seven months after an attack by Hamas on October 7th.

The UN says that half of the people in Gaza are suffering from severe hunger, and there's a risk of a famine. Almost three-quarters of the homes in Gaza have been destroyed, and it could cost up to $40 billion to rebuild them. Hamas is thinking about a proposal for a 40-day ceasefire because there are worries that Rafah might be attacked. There's concern in Israel about possible legal action from the International Criminal Court because of what's happened in Gaza.

Hundreds of people gathered at one of Australia's big universities to protest against Israel's attacks on Gaza. They want the university to stop investing in companies connected to Israel. This movement was inspired by similar protests happening at universities in the United States.

At the University of Sydney, activists supporting Palestine have set up a camp outside the main hall. Similar camps have also been set up at universities in Melbourne, Canberra, and other Australian cities. Unlike in the US, where police have forcefully removed many pro-Palestinian protesters from college campuses, the protests in Australia have been peaceful with few police around. On Friday, protesters at the University of Sydney demanded that the university stop investing in companies linked to Israel, just like students in the US, Canada, and France are doing.

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