Palestinians in ‘grave danger of mass ethnic cleansing’


Palestine: 14 Oct 2023: There is a "grave risk" of mass ethnic cleansing for Palestinians. A UN human rights expert warned on Saturday that Palestinians are in "grave danger of mass ethnic cleansing" as an unrelenting Israeli bombardment increased in the Gaza Strip and supplies of bread and water were running low due to power outages.

In retaliation for Hamas' onslaught a week ago, during which its members killed 1,300 Israelis—mostly civilians—and took several prisoners, Israel has pledged to completely destroy the organization.

It has blasted Gaza with unheard-of airstrikes and maintained a "total blockade" that has stopped food deliveries and cut off electricity. After a week, many things are running out in stores.According to the Hamas-run health ministry in the Palestinian enclave, Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip since last week have killed at least 2,215 individuals, including 724 children.

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