Plagiarism charges on song Tu Jhoom


Karachi: 23 January 2022: Coke Studio Season 14’s first song,‘Tu Jhoom’has landed into contestation after a young musician from Umerkot, Nirmala Maghani contended that patron Xulfi plagiarised her air. Coke Studio has however rejected her claims.
“ As I shared with you ahead, I produce and unite in the spirit of inclusivity and my work with Coke Studio holds the same gospel,” Xulfi is quoted as saying in the alternate statement issued by the show within two days.
The WhatsApp recording shows that Xulfi had participated a videotape with his deputy in May, in which he's humming the asthai of Tu Jhoom over an essential track and asking for the latter’s opinion.
Music patron and watchman Yousuf Salahuddin, who's a tutor of Maghani, said only the courts can decide who's in the right. “ Anything can be manipulated, be it time prints or commodity differently,” he said. “ The only way out of this situation is a forensic inspection of the phones of all parties involved.”

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