PM I.K received nothing from Russian visit , being at the wrong place at the wrong time


Salma Soomro
Hyderabad: 8 March 2022: P.M IK has a habit of being at the wrong place at the wrong time his Russian visit is the evidence of that. what does Pakistan get through that visit? Nothing... it was sheer stupidity. It gave two messages to the world, showed that Pakistan is on the Russian side, and is very comfortable with its aggression. It seems against Ukraine. This would annoy the EU and USA. The biggest trade partners of Pakistan. In past Pakistan signed in 1950 Baghdad pact, and then SEATO, CENTO all were inclined towards the USA and were against Russia and communism. Pakistani base Bata Bair was used as surveillance and clicked pictures of the Russian nuclear arsenal.
American initiative
Pakistan used its territory against Russia in past. Wildly Government of that time provided stinger missiles on the shoulders of Mujahideen and they went to Afghanistan to fight Russia.
Afghanistan war cleared the obscure role of Pakistan, it made us
Pakistan steel mills, linen prize was given to Faiz Ahmed Faiz
to reduce enmity between Russia and Pakistan.
Pakistan is energy-hungry, neither it has money, nor gas or energy, and no single hint of bail-out package arrangement.
Except in western countries, Pakistan is not having good ties with anyone else. The time of the visit was at fault.
This visit did not bring any fruit but the world consider Pakistan as polarised and taking the side of Russia, no fruitful discussion could be held like the biggest from Karachi to Kasoor.
Russia has planned a 2.5 billion dollars stream dollar project "gas pipeline " which Russia was about to build for Pakistan, remains where it was.

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